Chess Lessons that teach Children the Art of Thinking

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Easy and Fun Learning Experience

Chess is more than just a game. It is a teaching tool that can help develop your child into a more observant individual with better decision making skills. Enroll your child in chess and let them amaze you with their abilities!

Experienced Coaches

With over 11 years of chess teaching experience Coach Jorge and his staff are ready to help your child learn and succeed in the game of chess.

3 Station Learning

Our 3 station learning system consist of a classroom, a computer training area and a chess play area. Students spend 30 minutes at each station. The stations provide structured learning no matter what teaching style your child prefers!

Best Value in Extra-Curricular Activities

With plans starting at $60/month and classes that are 90 minutes long its easy to see why parents say we offer the best value when it comes to extra-curricular activities for their children!

Proven Curriculum

The Chess Steps Method is the world's leading chess teaching method and it's available here at The Children's Chess Club!

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